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Puzzle Games
Brief Description
Alchemy A mystical puzzle game where you turn lead into gold - By PopCap
Ancient Tri-Jong A combination of Tripeaks and Mahjong - By Game House
Arketris Clear all of the wood pieces from the screen - By Kewlbox
Atlantis Quest Classic matching puzzler through Ancient lands - By Game House
Badaboom Clear as many pieces as you can before the time runs out - By Kewlbox
Bejeweled 2 Play some fast and furious gem-matching fun - By PopCap
Big Kahuna Reef Go Hawaiian in this underwater adventure - By Game House
Big Money Collect coins and grab moneybags in this game of skill - By PopCap
Big Tut Complete each puzzle by finding matching tiles - By Kewlbox
Blackbeard's Assault Stop the cannonballs from reaching the X - By Warhorse
Block Party Create rows of three to remove blocks - By dr-m
Bounce Out Bounce out enough balls to go to the next level - By Game House
Bricks Breaking 3 Destroy the bricks by clicking same colored groups - By xodo
Candy Cruncher Line up candies of the same kind in rows or columns - By Game House
Chainz A fun puzzle that will keep you chained to your PC - By Game House
Chuzzle Click and drag rows of Chuzzles to make groups of three - By PopCap
Collapse Click on clusters of three or more blocks - By Game House
Collapse Strategy Click on clusters of three or more like-colored blocks - By Game House
Cubis 2 Stack, push and wedge colored blocks into groups - By Fresh Games
Da Vinci Code Solve the biggest mystery of all - By Game House
Delicious Roll up your sleeves in this restaurant challenge - By Game House
Diner Dash Roll up your sleeves and serve up some grub - By Game Lab
Diner Dash 2 Join Flo as she returns help fellow restaurant owners - By Game Lab
Gem Shop Match colorful gems and keep your customers happy - By Game House
Glinx Remove pieces by linking matching pieces together- By Game House
Hexxagon Based on a slightly lopsided game of Othello - By Paul Neave
Jewel of Atlantis An undersea adventure of puzzling fun awaits you - By Game House
Jewel Quest Classic swap and match game play with a jungle theme - By iWin
Jigsaw A fun and relaxing jigsaw puzzle game - By Game House
Luxor A classic shoot and match action puzzle game - By Game House
Mah Jong World A simple, elegant version of the classic tile game - By Game House
Mah Jongg A classic version of an old favorite - By Sky Works
Maui Wowee A tropical twist on the classic match-three puzzler - By Game House
Ms Match Swap any two adjacent tiles to form a row or column - By Kewlbox
Mysteries of Horus Appease the gods of Ancient Egypt - By Game House
Nisqually Remove stone blocks to form rows and columns - By Game House
Ocean Express Join this endless voyage of addictive fun - By Game House
Pile Up Arrange dropping balls into clusters of 4 or more - By Game House
Pop & Drop Blast these colorful balls away for thrills - By Game House
Pirate Poppers Sail the seas of swashbucklin', pirate-popping fun - By Game House
Puzzle Express Use Tetris style pieces to fill the train car puzzles - By Game House
Puzzle Inlay Use the gems from the conveyor to inlay the mosaics - By Game House
Rainbow Web Break a sticky spell and save this fantasy kingdom - By Game House
Rings of Color Rotate the 4 rings clockwise until they match - By mike
Shape Shifter Drag shapes into matching shape cutouts - By Game House
Slide Out Slide the rows or columns to make matches - By Sky Works
Sudoku Solve the mystery of the number grid - By Game House
Sveerz A musical puzzle game that bounces to the beat - By Skunk Studios
Tiki Tumble Don't let the rings fall into the fiery abyss - By Game House
Topsy Turvy Clear the game board full of colorful game pieces - By Kewlbox
Zuma Shoot magical balls to clear a deadly chain - By PopCap

Card Games
Brief Description
21 Blitz Organize cards so that they add up to 21 - By Game House
Addiction Solitaire Create a row for each suit - By Game House
Aloha Solitaire Match face-up cards by card value - By Game House
Aloha TriPeaks Move all the cards to the Reserve Pile - By Game House
Euchre A game with four players in fixed partnerships - By Pimpernel
Single or multi-player hearts game - Designed by Sky Works
Puzzle Solitaire Fill all open tiles with cards to advance - By Game House
Pyramid Solitaire Match cards that add up to 13 to clear the pyramid - By Game House
Clear all of the cards by pulling them off in order - By Game House
Spades Single or multi-player spades game - Designed by Sky Works
Vegas Solitaire Use all the cards in the deck to build four suit stacks - By Game House

Word Games
Brief Description
Bookworm Link letters together to make words - By PopCap
Chicktionary Hatch up some fun with this egg-citing word game - By Kewlbox
Flip Words Flip Words will please all you word game fanatics - By Game House
Fowl Words Spell as many words as you can before time runs out - By Kewlbox
Fowl Words 2 Barnyard typing game between you and the hens - By Kewlbox
Letter Linker Click the letter wafers to spell out words - By Game House
Letter Rip Create as many words as you can before time runs out - By Kewlbox
Spelvin Casino-style word game full of fun surprises - By Skunk Studios
Text Twist Form words from the letters provided - By Game House
WHATword? Rearrange the letters on the grid to form words - By Game House
Wheel of Fortune A classic game based on the TV show - From Game House
Wild Wild Words Be quick on the draw to make words out of letters - By Game House
Wizard's Spell Cast your spell and transform mysterious letters into words - By GSN
Word Slinger Link words to form the required amount of words - By Game House
Word Monaco An unique blend of word game fun and solitaire - By Game House
Wordo Find the hidden words in a world of tumbling tiles - By Kewlbox
Writer's Block Create as many words using the letters on the block - By Kewlbox

Board Games
Brief Description
Animal Sudoku Try this version by following the way of the footprints - By Kewlbox
Single or multi-player backgammon game - By Sky Works
Checkers Single or multi-player checkers game - Designed by Sky Works
Single or multi-player chess game - Designed by Sky Works
Single or multi-player Othello clone - Designed by Sky Works

Maze Games
Brief Description
3PM Slump It’s 2:59 and the 3PM Slump is going to enter your office - By Kewlbox
Egg Hunt Help the bunny pick up all the eggs - By Sky Works

Pinball Games
Brief Description
Candy pinball game - Designed by Sky Works
Lifesavers pinball game - Designed by Sky Works

Other Games
Brief Description
Alien Tiles A vivid and fiendishly difficult puzzle game - By AlienTiles.com
Boardwalk Bowling Roll 9 balls into holes to get points - By Sky Works
Cake Mania Help Jill earn enough money to open a bakery - By Sandlot
Gem Drop Arrange identical gems in groups of 3 or more - By Game House
Gummies Getaway Guide the gummies into the caves - By Sky Works
Kaplink Drop, lock, and roll away with the win - By Kewlbox
Robotron Experience the original sights, sounds and gameplay - By Midway
Root Beer Tapper It isn't easy serving drinks to ornery customers - By Midway Games
Shuck & Jive Can you beat the 'Master' crab in a shell game? - By Kewlbox
Simon It will test your memory to the limit, if not your sanity - By Paul Neave
The Innards Absorb blood cells to remain healthy - By Kewlbox