Bounce Out
By Game House
Bounce out enough balls to go to the next level in the time allowed.
How to Play
Bounce out balls by arranging them in lines of three or more of the same color. You can swap two balls that are next to each other (touching), but at least one of the balls must form a line of three or more balls of the same color. You receive more points for getting four, five or more balls at the same time. You also receive bonus points if other balls lines up and bounce out as a result of your move (in a chain-reaction).

To move on to the next level of play, you must remove the required number of balls, as indicated in the "Balls To Go" field, before time runs out on the fuse. Dynamite is powerful stuff - see what happens when you fail to get the balls out in time! Upon completion of the level, the fun begins again, but FASTER!

Use the Mouse to click on the balls to select them. Selecting a selected ball unselects it.

Those ominous black balls are bad news. Can't click 'em, can't lick em. But if you run out of moves, they mercifully pop out, too. If you still have no moves, even after all of the Black Balls pop out, you lose. Tough luck.