Tank Hunter
By Ben Librojo
Try to complete as many missions as possible before your tank gets completly destroyed by enemy fire. There is a short briefing before each mission, which outlines the mission's objectives, and gives warning as to the amount and type of resistance you can expect to face.

During combat, you can check the top right hand corner of the screen for your currrent mission completion criteria. Upon successfull completion of a mission, you will be airlifted from the combat zone, and your tank will be partialy repaired in preperation for the next level.
How to Play

Maneuvering your tank is very straightforward, use the arrow keys to steer and drive the tank and the space bar to fire your weapon. Your weapon will automatically reload itself after firing a round. You can enhance you tank's capabilites by collecting powerups which will appear from time to time near destroyed enemy tanks. Powerups appear as spining blue icons (and as blue dots on the radar), in the form of wrenches, lasers, and shields. The radar is located in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This enables you to locate enemies and navigate around obstacles. The radar can be zoomed in and out by pressing 'w 'and 'q' respectively.

Enemy Tanks

In addition to the enemy's main battle tanks, you can also expect to encounter super tanks (which are very heavily armored and require several hits to destroy), phantom tanks (which use a cloaking device rendering them almost completly invisible to the human eye and radar), and hover mines, which are often deployed in groups which silently surround and home in on your tank (these are invisible to radar). Pay close attention to your pre-mission briefings, as they can sometimes provide you with vital clues as to the types of enemy units deployed in the area.

Tips and Hints

Make use of the radar to avoid enemy shots that don't appear in the main view. There are many obstacles in some of the combat areas, use them for cover. Take your target's movement direction and speed into account when aiming shots at them. Particularly for long range targets, aiming towards their direction of movement will increase your chance of a hit.