Turbo Solitaire
By Game House
Clear all of the cards by pulling them off in order, before time goes out.
How to Play
Click the DEAL button to start the game. Cards are dealt into 7 columns, with one "base" card beneath the others. You can remove any card from the columns that is either 1 higher or 1 lower than the base card. You may play an Ace on a King, and vice versa. Remove the cards by clicking on them.

If there are no cards that can be played on the base card, you can take another card from the pile by clicking on it. The game ends when time expires or if the pile is empty and there are no more moves.

If you clear all of the cards, you are automatically dealt another game, and you can continue to increase your score.

To end the game when there are still moves available, but also save your score, you can use the Give Up button.