"Coffee Break Arcade is the Bermuda triangle
for office workers with Internet access. Legend has it that the
entire accounts receivable department of a North Dakota billing
company was lost here. You’re going to stop by for a second, look
up from the computer, and see that four hours have passed by. Don’t
get us wrong. This site isn’t worth failing a class, losing a job,
or becoming single over. But you’re going to spend so much time
here that one of those things is liable to happen. The site links
to quick, free, and surprisingly intricate games. The games are
divided into six categories: casino games, shooting games, cool
games, sports games, racing games, and classic games. The classic
games are emulator versions of Atari and Colecovision favorites.
The rest you can figure out for yourself. Now excuse us while we
go kick some ass in Snowcraft." – WOOF

"The next time the boss leaves early or you have
a few minutes to spare during lunch, Coffee Break Arcade has a super
way for Web surfers to have some fun. Offering free Internet games,
Coffee Break Arcade has something for just about everyone… All
of the games have a simple design and modest graphics. They are
also easy to play and don’t require extensive directions."
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Coffee Break Arcade is loaded with games. There
are classic arcade games like Pac Man and Asteroids. If you prefer
to use your noodle, there are word jumbles and jigsaw puzzles. Shooters,
racing and sports games are also represented. There are variations
on games, as well. Baseball is represented, but so is wiffle ball.
Skip the coffee and recapture your youth by taking a break here."
The Kim Komando Show

"Coffee Break Arcade is accurately named — if your coffee breaks
last an hour or so. With links to more than 100 Shockwave and Java
games from around the world and across the Web, Coffee Break Arcade
provides free opportunities for wasting time and relieving stress."
Apple iReview

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