A Platformer shooter where you control a boy named Ty and his ghost friend named Lee, Together they go on a adventure to figure out why Ty was created.This short but difficult game was created in a span of 3 months. Art and game design by Levi Ramirez with the help of the Construct 2 engine, and the main theme created by Nathan Hassall.-Bugs–"No Save" Glitch found by "Locerbus" . (Fixed)-Fixes–Made Pitfalls more visible, no more unfair deaths for you :)-Made Enemy bullets more visible, Especially the "Broken's" (The Hanging bodies)-A few visual fixes + And HUGE amounts of bug fixes! (A.K.A "The Easter Update")

Clairsentience [W] – Jump [A,D] – Walk [Mouse Button] – Shoot

[W] - Jump [A,D] - Walk [Mouse Button] - Shoot

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