Fun-Find Him

Are you bored? Play Fun-Find Him!The game plot : Find 50 positive feelings, depicted in the photos.Immerse yourself in the fascinating search for good moments! Good luck!-Carefully consider two similar photos and find 5 differences between them!-When identify the differences and click on it to confirm.-To zoom in, use the zoom button!-When the zoom is on, move the image with two fingers!-You get five Fun money for every correct click and lose five Fun money for every wrong click.-You can buy a Hint in the shop for 50 Fun money!Fun for all occasions:- Helps pass the time in the traffic jam, queue;- Promotes the development of attention, accuracy;- Raises the mood;- Relaxes and soothes;Features of the game Fun-Find Him:★ You need to find 50 positive emotions that are hidden in the photos.★ A few wrong click reduce the background of fun, so you need play on water balls game to restore fun.

Fun-Find Him In game, control by touch or mouse

In game, control by touch or mouse

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